Wanganui Youth Darts
image-462672-Junior Mixed Pairs Winners Small.jpg?1437880777447
Sam Luff and Taitiana Wadsworth
Winner Mixed Pairs 2015 Junior Nationals
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Sam Luff
Junior Nationals Tournament team

Youth Players

Wanganui Youth 

If  you are between 10 and 180 come and visit us at the dart hall on a Wednesday evening for a junior, youth and adult darts league information at 7pm.

Even if you have never played darts before come and give it a try!

Further youth darts
If you are a pupil at Wanganui High School, come to the Vogel Gym at break times for a game of darts!

Success from Wanganui Youngsters
Jo-Marie Abbot Youth Girls Singles Finalist 2014
Harley Smith Youth Boys Pairs Finalist 2014
Sam Luff Semi Finalist Junior Boys Pairs 2014
Tyler Dunn Semi Finalist Junior Boys Pairs 2014
Tyler Dunn Semi Finalist Junior Mixed Pairs 2014

Sam Luff, Tyler Dunn, Jo-Marie Abbot, Alannah Dunn, Harley Smith and Margareeta Wakefield all selected for Tournament Teams 2014.
Wanganui Youth 2014
Harley Smith New Zealand Pairs Champion 2013
Harley Smith and Margareeta Wakefield New Zealand Mixed pairs champions 2013

Alannah Dunn, New Zealand Junior Girls Singles 2012
Alannah Dunn, New Zealand Junior Girls Pairs Champion 2012

Harley Smith New Zealand Youth Boys Pairs Winner 2012
Well Done to Harley Smith for Winning the North Island Junior Championships in Upper Hutt 2012

Well Done to Harley Smith for reaching the finals of the New Zealand Youth Darts 2011.

Well Done to Alannah Dunn and Harley Smith for making the Island Team at the Junior and Youth Naionals 2011