Dubbo Tour 2016 - Team Dartsnz and Team Maddog
2016, a new beginning for Darts and Dart Players in New Zealand.  Players united to showcase what NZ can really offer the sport of darts.  With the fantastic leadership of Piki Morrison and the support of Howard of Maddog promotions, players from New Zealand's North and South Islands have made it to Australia to compete in the Australian Darts championship.
The 2 teams jet off for Australia on 21st May.  The event will surely be a fun filled experience, with Darren Herewini starting his day pole dancing at the airport, Wayne Carey traveling in his PJ's and the beer's already flowing, you can see the type of outback adventure these guys will have.

Pictures and results will be here, hot off the press as soon as available...
Team Dartsnz
The Team
Mark McGrath, Mark Cleaver, Cody Harris, Stuart Leach, Lou Tai, Darren Herewini, Wayne Carey, Greg Moss, Judy Fenton, Sha Hohepa, Heather Siebers, Rosalie Ritchie
Team Maddog
The Team
Landon Gardiner, Quintin Gardiner, Steve Gooch, Matthew Reedy, Ryan Kitson, Paul Harper, Cyndric Joyce, Sam Bryant, Karli Padget, Rachel Padget, Mata Atitoa, Raewyn Edwards
The Maestro and The Cowboy have landed lookout Dubbo!!
Are we there yet?
Dubbo 2016
Day 1 fixtures


Round 1
NSW 10 v 4 ACT
Maddog 8 v 6 WA
QLD 9 v 5 TAS
VIC 12 v 2 SA
DartsNZ - Bye

Round 2
TAS 5 v 9 VIC
NSW 7 v 7 DartsNZ
ACT 0 v 14 WA
SA 7 v 7 Maddog
QLD - Bye

Round 3
Maddog 7 v 7 TAS
WA 7 v 7 SA
DartsNZ 14 v 0 ACT
QLD 13 v 1 NSW
VIC - Bye



Round 1
SA 7 v 6 Maddog
QLD 9 v 4 DartsNZ
TAS 4 v 9 NSW

Round 2
NSW 4 v 9 QLD
Maddog 9 v 4 TAS
DartsNZ 10 v 3 SA

Day 2 fixtures


Round 4
Tasmania 6 v 8 WA
ACT 3 v 11 SA
NSW 6 v 8 Victoria
DartsNZ 5 v 9 QLD
Maddog - BYE

Round 5
Victoria 7 v 7 DartsNZ
Maddog 3 v 11 NSW
Queensland 14 v 0 ACT
SA 8 v 6 Tas
Western Australia - BYE

Round 6
ACT 3 v 11 Tasmania
QLD 8 v 6 Victoria
NSW 5 v 9 WA
DartsNZ 12 v 2 Maddog
South Australia - BYE



Round 3
Maddog 2 v 11 QLD
Tasmania 4 v 9 SA
DartsNZ 7 v 6 NSW

Round 4
Maddog 7 v 6 NSW
DartsNZ 11 v 2 Tasmania
Queensland 11 v 2 SA

Day 3 fixtures


Round 7

Round 8

Round 9



Round 5

Round 6

Day 4 fixtures

Preliminary Round
Damon Heta-David Platt 6-2 Steve Gooch-Matthew Reedy
Ryan Kitson-Paul Harper 6-0 David Martin-Henry-Bobby Simpson
Barry Gardner-Joe Comito 2-6 Cody Harris-Stuart Leach
Matthew Woodberry-James Fitzpatrick 2-6 Colin Edwards-Dylan Mitchell

Board 1 
Darren Herewini-Lou Tai 6-4 Cydric Joyce-Sam Bryant
Pat Orreal-Mick McCreedie 6-4 Damon Heta-David Platt 
Darren Herewini-Lou Tai 6-2 Pat Orreal-Mick McCreedie
Winner: Darren Herewini & Lou Tai

Board 2 
Russell Stewart-Steve Wood 1-6 Robbie King-Lindsey Wells
Graham Parker-Liam McLennan 1-6 Shane Tichoswitch-Bill Aitkin
Robbie King-Lindsey Wells 3-6 Shane Tichoswitch-Bill Aitkin
Winner: Shane Tichoswitch & Bill Aitkin

Board 3 
Mick Pearce-Simon Bryant 6-3 Danny Jones-Steve Fitzpatrick
Wayne Carey-Greg Moss 6-1 Ryan Kitson-Paul Harper
Mick Pearce-Simon Bryant 4-6 Wayne Carey-Greg Moss
Winner: Wayne Carey & Greg Moss

Board 4 
Mark Cleaver-Mark McGrath 6-5 Dave Marland-Kalani Hillman
Ian Dargan-Stuart Coburn 5-6 Don Whittington-Paul Cotton 
Mark Cleaver-Mark McGrath v Don Whittington -Paul Cotton
Winner: Mark Cleaver & Mark McGrath

Board 5 
John Taylor-Glenn Casson 1-6 Loz Ryder-Tyson Hoefel
Steve Duke Snr.-John Weber 1-6 Cody Harris-Stuart Leach
Loz Ryder-Tyson Hoefel 5-6 Cody Harris-Stuart Leach
Winner: Cody Harris & Stuart Leach

Board 6 
John Kitchin-Ricky Jones 4-6 Brian Roach-Stuart Jackson
Landon Gardner-Quinton Gardiner 1-6 Rhys Mathewson-Scott Kennedy
Brian Roach-Stuart Jackson 6-5 Rhys Mathewson-Scott Kennedy
Winner: Brian Roach & Stuart Jackson

Board 7 
Howard Jones-Frans Higgins 6-1 Graham Hall-Rod Blackwell
Craig Atze-Ray O’Donnell 6-4 Colin Edwards-Dylan Mitchell
Howard Jones-Frans Higgins v Craig Atze-Ray O’Donnell
Winner: Craig Atze & Ray O’Donnell

Board 8 
Jamie Hales-John Watkins 6-1 Jason Mudge-Bryson Williams
Laurie Loch-Andy Pinder 0-6 Tic Bridge-Corey Cadby
Jamie Hales-John Watkins 0-6 Tic Bridge-Corey Cadby
Winner: Tic Bridge & Corey Cadby

Quarter Finals
Darren Herewini & Lou Tai 6-4 Shane Tichoswitch & Bill Aitkin
Wayne Carey & Greg Moss 0-6 Mark Cleaver & Mark McGrath
Cody Harris & Stuart Leach 6-2 Brian Roach & Stuart Jackson
Craig Atze & Ray O’Donnell 3-6 Tic Bridge & Corey Cadby

Darren Herewini & Lou Tai 4-6 Mark Cleaver & Mark McGrath
Cody Harris & Stuart Leach 6-3 Tic Bridge & Corey Cadby

The Finals will be played on Saturday

Preliminary Round
Mata Atitoa-Raewyn Edwards 0-5 Chrissy Sheerin-Bev James
Amanda Stone-Amanda Stabe 3-5 Heather Siebers-Rosalie Ritchie
Tracey Harback-Jodie Jordan Jago 1-5 Mihi Reid-Toni Walker
Sapphire Allen-Lavinia Hogg 1-5 Senei Vakanofiti-Kylie Hawkins

Board 1
Jen Lange-Margaret Franklin 1-5 Tracey Avis-Beth Wain
Chrissy Sheerin-Bev James 5-3 Heather Siebers-Rosalie Ritchie
Tracey Avis-Beth Wain v Chrissy Sheerin-Bev James

Board 2
Rachel Padget-Karli Padget 0-5 Judy Fenton-Sha Hohpea
Mihi Reid-Toni Walker 0-5 Senei Vakanofiti-Kylie Hawkins
Judy Fenton-Sha Hohpea v Senei Vakanofiti-Kylie Hawkins

Semi Finals

Tracey Avis & Beth Wain 1-5 Chrissy Sheerin & Bev James
Judy Fenton & Sha Hohpea 5-2 Senei Vakanofiti & Kylie Hawkins

Day 5 fixtures


Lindsey Wells v Mick McCreedie
Matthew Woodberry v Stuart Jackson
James Fitzpatrick v Howard Jones
Sam Bryant v Robbie King
Clayton Collins v Tyson Hoefel
Mick Pearce v Brian Roach
Graham Parker v Mark Cleaver
Frans Higgins v Colin Edwards
Bobby Simpson v Steve Woods
Laurie Loch v Steve Gooch
Shane Tich v Jason Mudge
Steve Duke Snr. v Ryan Kitson
Russell Stewart v Stuart Coburn

Board 1
Dave Marland v Ricky Jones
Quinton Gardiner v Dylan Mitchell
Bryson Williams v Ray O’Donnell
Lindsey Wells/Mick McCreedie v Matthew Woodberry/Stuart Jackson

Board 2
Mark McGrath v Joe Comito
Rod Blackwell v Danny Jones
Pat Orreal v Paul Cotton
Stuart Leach v James Fitzpatrick/Howard Jones

Board 3
Steve Fitzpatrick v Scott Kennedy
Craig Atze v Simon Bryant
Graham Hall v Damon Heta
Sam Bryant/Robbie King v Clayton Collins/Tyson Hoefel

Board 4
Glenn Casson v Cydric Joyce
John Watkins v Andy Pinder
Matthew Clark v John Kitchin
Kalani Hillman v Mick Pearce/Brian Roach

Board 5
Landon Gardiner v Corey Cadby
Steve Padget v Liam McLennan
Bill Aitkin v Paul Harper
Graham Parker/Mark Cleaver v Frans Higgins/Colin Edwards

Board 6
Don Whittington v Ian Dargan
John Weber v Anton Soc
Matthew Reedy v Glenn Hinds
Lou Tai v Bobby Simpson/Steve Woods

Board 7
Loz Ryder v Wayne Carey
Barry Gardner v Dave Platt
Greg Moss v Cody Harris
Laurie Loch/Steve Gooch v Shane Tich/Jason Mudge

Board 8
John Taylor v David Martin-Henry
Rhys Mathewson v Darren Herewini
Jamie Hales v Tic Bridge
Steve Duke Snr./Ryan Kitson v Russell Stewart/Stuart Coburn


Final 32

Frans Higgins v Cydric Joyce
Dylan Mitchell v Cody Harris
Pat Orreal v Matt Reedy
Darren Herewini v Andy Pinder
Mark McGrath v Tyson Hoefel
Stuart Jackson v David Platt
Ricky Jones v John Taylor
Brian Roach v Ian Dargan
Simon Bryant v Bill Aitkin
Tic Bridge v Loz Ryder
Damon Heta v Steve Fitzpatrick
Steve Duke Snr. v Shane Tichoswitch
John Kitchin v Corey Cadby
Danny Jones v Howard Jones
John Weber v Lou Tai
Ray O’Donnell v Steve Padget

Final 16

Brian Roach v Darren Herewini
Loz Ryder v Ray O’Donnell
Pat Orreal v John Weber
Ricky Jones v Bill Aitkin
Corey Cadby v Mark McGrath
Steve Duke Snr. v Frans Higgins
David Platt v Cody Harris
Howard Jones v Damon Heta

Final 8

John Weber v Darren Herewini
Cody Harris v Corey Cadby
Loz Ryder v Bill Aitkin
Steve Duke Snr. v Damon Heta

Final 4 (to be played on Saturday)

John Weber v Bill Aitkin
Cody Harris v Damon Heta


Board 1
Karli Padget
Tracey Harback
Raewyn Edwards
Mihi Reid
Jodi Jordan Jago
Mata Atitoa

Board 2
Sha Hohipa
Toni Walker
Tracey Avis
Marg Franklin
Lavinia Hogg
Rachel Padget

Board 3
Kylie Hawkins
Beth Wain
Bev James
Senei Vakanofiti
Sapphire Allen
Jen Lange

Board 4
Amanda Stabe
Chrissy Sheerin
Judy Fenton
Rosalie Ritchie
Heather Siebers
Amanda Stone

Final 8

Chrissy Sheerin 3-1 Tracey Avis 
Lavinia Hogg 3-1 Raewyn Edwards
Mihi Reid 3-0 Rosalie Ritchie
Senei Vakanofiti 0-3 Judy Fenton

Day 6



Dylan Mitchell v Laurie Loch
Steve Fitzpatrick v Jamie Hales
Andy Pinder v Glenn Casson
Robbie King v Steve Duke Snr.
Ryan Kitson v Howard Jones
John Weber v Russell Stewart
Darren Herewini v Jason Mudge
Steve Wood v Matthew Woodberry
Clayton Collins v Graham Parker
Pat Orreal v John Kitchin
Dave Platt v Craig Atze
Quinton Gardiner v Ian Dargan
Danny Jones v Loz Ryder

Board 1
Scott Kennedy v Ricky Jones
Steve Padget v Stuart Coburn
Cydric Joyce v Tic Bridge
Dylan Mitchell/Laurie Loch v Steve Fitzpatrick/Jamie Hales

Board 2
Colin Edwards v Corey Cadby
Cody Harris v John Taylor
Matthew Clark v Anton Soc
Glenn Hinds v Andy Pinder/Glenn Casson

Board 3
Graham Hall v Lindsay Wells
Barry Gardner v Paul Harper
Mick Pearce v Brian Roach
Robbie King/Steve Duke Snr. v Ryan Kitson/Howard Jones

Board 4
Simon Bryant v Mick McCreadie
James Fitzpatrick v Damon Heta
Liam McLennan v Shane Tich
Stuart Jackson v John Weber/Russell Stewart

Board 5
Lou Tai v Joe Comito
Frans Higgins v Kalani Hillman
Bobby Simpson v Greg Moss
Darren Herewini /Jason Mudge v Steve Wood/Matthew Woodberry

Board 6
Wayne Carey v Landon Gardiner
Don Whittington v Mark McGrath
Bill Aitkin v Dave Marland
Mark Cleaver v Clayton Collins/Graham Parker

Board 7
Sam Bryant v Ray O’Donnell
Tyson Hoefel v Bryson Williams
David Martin-Henry v John Watkins
Pat Orreal /John Kitchin v Dave Platt/Craig Atze

Board 8
Stuart Leach v Paul Cotton
Matthew Reedy v Steve Gooch
Rod Blackwell v Rhys Mathewson
Quinton Gardiner/Ian Dargan v Danny Jones/Loz Ryder

Australian Open Final 32

Damon Heta 6-1 Frans Higgins
Cody Harris 6-4 Shane Tich
Lindsey Wells 4-6 Tyson Hoefel
Joe Comito 4-6 Tic Bridge
Barry Gardner 3-6 Corey Cadby
Brian Roach 6-2 Steve Gooch
Dave Marland 6-1 John Watkins
John Kitchin 6-5 John Weber
Greg Moss 6-4 Mark McGrath
Mark Cleaver 2-6 Rhys Mathewson
Steve Fitzpatrick 6-2 Wayne Carey
Ray O’Donnell 0-6 Stuart Leach
Andy Pinder 2-6 Quinton Gardiner
Mick McCreadie 3-6 Steve Padget
Darren Herewini 6-3 Howard Jones

Australian Open Final 16

Stuart Leach 6-4 Greg Moss
Tic Bridge 3-6 Quinton Gardiner
Rhys Mathewson 6-3 Tyson Hoefel
Dave Marland 4-6 Darren Herewini
Cody Harris 2-6 Corey Cadby
Steve Padget 6-2 Brian Roach
John Kitchin 6-5 Ricky Jones
Damon Heta v Steve Fitzpatrick

Final 4 (to be played on Saturday)

Corey Cadby v Quinton Gardiner
Darren Herewini v John Kitchin


Board 1
Mata Atitoa
Jen Lange
Senei Vakanofiti
Amanda Stone
Tracey Harback
Sha Hohipa

Board 2
Amanda Stabe
Mihi Reid
Rosalie Ritchie
Bev James
Sapphire Allen
Toni Walker

Board 3
Rachel Padget
Marg Franklin
Lavinia Hogg
Kyllie Hawkins
Judy Fenton
Beth Wain

Board 4
Karli Padget
Heather Siebers
Raewyn Edwards
Jodi Jordan Jago
Chrissy Sheerin
Tracey Avis

Last 16

Judy Fenton v Tracey Harback
Lavina Hogg v Rachel Padget
Sha Hohipa v Bev James
Amanda Stabe v Sapphire Allen
Mihi Reid v Kylie Hawkins
Amanda Stone v Seni Vakanofiti
Chrissy Sheerin v Heather Seibers
Raewyn Edwards v Tracey Avis

Played Saturday

Judy Fenton v Amanda Stabe
Seni Vakanofiti v Tracey Avis

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