Darts In Schools

Darts in your school
The ever popular sport of darts has, in recent years, become a regular on TV.   In reality players of all ages try their luck in the garage and local clubs with the target of the infamous 180 a goal for all players.  Darts is one of the few sports where people of any age or sex can really compete together.

Anyone that has played darts will also realise that there are many different elements to the game.  Obviously there is skill, fun and competitiveness, but there is also a level of numeracy required.  You watch any one chalk a game of 501 and you will see that they have a variety of strategies to add scores and subtract from remaining scores quickly with ease.  While playing darts there is also an infinite number of ways to finish a game of darts.  Leaving a double is not by luck!  Calculating the best double to leave by hitting trebles and doubles to ensure the best chance of winning is a skill in it's self.  

Having taught Mathematics in schools myself for a number of years I can see the benefit of encouraging students to learn to play darts.  Using numeracy strategies to develop ways to add and subtract while playing, makes Mathematics interesting relevant and fun.  

If you are in a New Zealand School and would be interested in your school becoming involved in Darts for Schools, please use our 'register your school' page to register your interest. 

We have already been contacted by a number of schools from the North and South Island, who have expressed and interest in developing Darts in Schools.  Further to that, we have also supplied schools with equipment suitable for their needs to get started.
Example set up
Lets Play Darts!!

At dartsnz we would love to get more people involved with darts.  We would also like to support a new venture in arranging darts inter school national event.  If you are interested please fill out the registration form and we will get back to you with more information as things progress.

Thanks and good darting to you all

Craig Dunn
Director, Teacher, Dart Player.