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Tina Osbourne (pic from BDO)

Well done to Tina Osbourne from Auckland.  Tina has qualified for the Lakeside Ladies World Championships.  Tina played Anca Zijlstra in the final to Qualify.

Cody Harris, also of Auckland was also at the event looking to qualify for Mens Lakeside World championships.  Cody managed to win his first game, but lost a close encounter with Paul Jennings 2-1.

Picture from PDC

Craig Caldwell will be the New Zealand representative for the Lakeside World Championships in January 2016.  
South Island Masters April 2015

Palmerston North's Peter Hunt and West City's Peggy Wikaira take out the latest NZDC Ranking tournament by winning the South Island Masters held in Invercargill over the weekend.

Men's Final: Peter Hunt (Palmerston North) 
6 - 2 Warren Parry (Southland)
Ladies Final: Peggy Wikaira (West City) 6 - 4 Jane Harrington (Canterbury)

Men's Semi Finals: Peter beat Otago's Terry Casey 5 - 4 and Warren beat Kapi Mana's Craig Caldwell.
Ladies Semi Finals: Peggy beat Southland's Desi Mercer 5 - 1 and Jane beat Southland's Rachel Padget.
  • John Kelly Winner Canterbury Classic 2015
  • Tina Osbourne Winner Canterbury Classic 2015
An excellent effort by New Zealand's Mike Day.  A very close game where high finishes won the game for Jeff.  The game was much closer than the score suggests.

Mike is a winner and will be gutted with the result but should be very proud of his achievement as he has worked very hard this year to get to the World Champs for a second year running.  

Well done Mike, we look forward to seeing you there again and supporting you in the future!
Revised fixture list for Lakeside BDO World Champs 2015

Good luck to Mike Day

Picture from West City blog

Ted Clement Open - Levin

Well done to Craig Pullen for successfully defending his title.  An excellent final with Pullen the eventual winner against Craig Caldwell. 

2015 Lakeside World Professional Darts Championship Draw

The draw took place today for the 2015 Lakeside World Professional Darts Championship.  Hosted by MC 'Little' Richard Ashdown, BDO Tournament Director Wayne Williams oversaw the draw which was conducted by Mr Ian Flack, Winmau Sales and Marketing Director and Andy 'The Viking' Fordham.

There will be some interesting encounters on the iconic Lakeside stage next year.  The full draw is below:

Trina Gulliver MBE                v          Anneke Kuijtan 
Deta Hedman                      v          Lisa Ashton 
Lorraine Winstanley              v          Sharon Prins 
Rachel Brooks                      v          Casey Gallagher 
Fallon Sherrock                    v          Maria Mason 
Aileen de Graaf                    v          Paula Jacklin 
Anastasia Dobromyslova       v          Irina Armstrong 
Zoe Jones                           v          Sarah Brent          

Seigo Asada                        v         Brian Dawson 
Eddie Sims                          v         Cedric Waegemans 
Peter Sajwani                      v         Sam Head 
David Cameron                    v         Michael van der Horst 
Karel Sedlacek                     v         Paul Coughlin 
Mike Day (NZ)              v         Jeff Smith 
Jim Widmayer                      v         Rhys Hayden 
Willem Mandingers               v         Daniel Larsson   

Robbie Green                     v              Darius Labanauskas 
James Wilson                     v              Peter Sajwani/Sam Head 
Gary Robson                      v              Eddie Sims/Cedric Waegemans 
Wesley Harms                    v              Mike Day (NZ) /Jeff Smith 
Jeffrey de Graaf                 v              Seigo Asada/Brian Dawson 
Martin Phillips                    v              Madars Razma 
Remco van Eijden              v              Geert de Vos 
Scott Mitchell                    v              Tony O’Shea 
Darryl Fitton                     v              Paul Jennings 
Alan Norris                       v              Willem Mandingers/Daniel Larsson 
Jamie Hughes                   v               David Cameron/Michel van der Horst 
Glen Durrant                    v              Karel Sedlacek/Paul Coughlin 
Ross Montgomery             v              Pip Blackwell 
Scott Waites                    v              Sam Hewson 
Rick Hofsta                      v              Jim Widmayer/Rhys Hayden 
Martin Adams                  v              Jan Dekker
Winmau World Trophy Ladies Singles
Well done Tina, very close

Picture from Hutt Valley Darts

Runner up - Jonathan Silcock

Auckland Open 2014

Pic from West City Darts

Mens Main Round
1st Round knockout
Chris Robson bt Marcus Ngare
Wilson Henry bt Mike Collett
Phil Cave bt Tony Lee
Brian Steed bt Steve Yost
Jamie Smith bt Calio Henry
Terry Jowett bt Ken McDowall
Mark McGrath bt Ron Cassidy
Mark Cleaver bt Rodney Moreland
Rob Szabo bt JoshWalters
Joe Moses bt Willie Hopokingi
John Darlington bt Rangi Reeves
Anthony Benitez bt Knightyn Manu
Bill Fergus bt Shaun Duvall
Josh Roberts bt Heemi Johnson
Otia Te Ariki bt Darren Desai
Deon Toki bt Aaron Cassidy
Frank Speights bt Robbie Dick

2nd round knockout
Cody Harris bt Chris Robson
Wilson Henry bt Phil Cave
Brian Steed bt Jamie Smith
Steve Gooch bt Nick Jatlove
Craig Caldwell bt Terry Jowett
Mark Cleaver bt Mark McGarth
Rob Szabo bt Joe Moses
Peter Hunt bt Richard Te Whero
Mike Day bt Tukina Weko
Anthony Benitez bt John Darlington
Josh Roberts bt Bill Fergus
Jason Ladbrook bt Otia Te Ariki
Steve Padget bt Louis Kunz
Frank Speights bt Deon Toki
Steve Davis bt Sonny Harris
Mick Lacey bt Greg Moss

3rd round knockout
Cody Harris bt Wilson Henry
Brian Steed bt Steve Gooch
Craig Caldwell bt Mark Cleaver
Rob Szabo bt Peter Hunt
Mike Day bt Anthony Benitez
Jason Ladbrook bt Josh Roberts
Frank Speights bt Steve Padget
Mick Lacey bt Steve Davis

4th round knockout
Cody Harris bt Brian Steed 4-2
Craig Caldwell bt Rob Szabo 4-2
Mike Day bt Jason Ladbrook 4-2
Frank Speights bt Mick Lacey 4-3

Semi Finals Cody Harris bt Craig Caldwell 4-0 Mike Day bt Frank Speights 4 -2

Finals - Mike Day 2 v 5 Cody Harris

Pic from West City Darts

Pic from West City Darts

Ladies Main Round
1st round knockout
Paeru Ngatuakana bt Charlene Te Paki 
Colleen Curreen bt Auscaleena Hakeagatoa
Loretta Hunter bt Sandra Melgers
Stacey Heavey bt Mata Tuao
Yvonne Williams bt Aimee Holt
Ngapine Heke bt Claudette Smith

2nd round knockout
Tina Osborne bt Paeru Ngatuakana
Loretta Hunter bt Colleen Curreen
Lorraine Pike bt Stacey Heavey
Janette Jonathon bt Yvonne Williams
Sha Hohipa bt Ngapine Heke
Rita Wells bt Peggy Wikaira
Jo Steed bt Carol Matthews
Kathryn Manu bt Rachel Padget

3rd round knockout
Tina Osborne bt Loretta Hunter 3-0
Janette Jonathon bt Lorraine Pike 3-1
Sha Hohipa bt Rita Wells 3-1
Jo Steed bt Kathryn Manu 3-1

Semi Finals
Tina Osborne bt Janette Jonathon 4-1
Sha Hohipa bt Jo Steed 4-3
Finals Sah Hohipa 3 v 5 Tina Osborne

Tina Osbourne NZdarts pic

Press Release
Tina Osborne will be representing New Zealand in the Women’s Section of the Winmau.  She will also have an opportunity to qualify for the Lakeside and the BDO World Trophy. Well done Tina and good luck.

NZ Darts Team 2014 (picture from NZDC site)

New Zealand Team 2014


Cody Harris, Mike Day, Craig Caldwell, Craig Pullen, Gregg Moss (Res), Peter Hunt (Res)


Sha Hohipa, Jo Steed, Tina Osborne, Jannette Jonathan, Rachel Padget (Res),Leah Price (Res)

Che August Darts Experience 2014
Picture from Facebok
2014 NZ Darts Council Nationals in Rotorua

A very good turnout with 100's of players from all around NZ competing for the titles on offer.

NZDC Men's Pairs - Final
Jason Ladbrook & Bernie Smith 4 vs Jonathan Silcock & Wayne Carey 3 

Semi Finals
J Silcock & W Carey 3 vs M Lacey & C Harris 2
J Ladbrook B Smith 3 vs D Harrington & S Kysley 1

Pat McCormick Ladies Singles - Final
Jannette Jonathan 4 vs Ana Neho 3

Semi Finals
Jannette Jonathan 3 vs Jane Harrington and Ana Neho 3 vs Denise Haveagatoa 2 

Day 5
NZDC Ladies Pairs - Final

Jannette Jonathan & Lorraine Pike 4 vs Jo Steed & Treena Baker 0

Semi Finals
Jo Steed & Treena Baker 3 vs Ana Neho & Dawn Unuka 1
Jannette Jonathan & Lorraine Pike 3 vs Polly Luke & Leah Price 0

John McCormick Memorial Men's Singles

Mike Day 4 vs Tukina Weko 

Semi Finals
Tukina Weko 3 vs Quinten Gardiner 1 and Mike Day 3 vs Peter Hunt 1

Day 4
Ladies and Men's New Zealand Open Singles
Men's Final

Cody Harris vs Craig Pullen 1

Men's Semi Finals
Cody Harris 4 vs Craig Caldwell 1 and Bernie Smith 3 vs Craig Pullen 4

Ladies Final
Sha Hohipa 5 vs Jannette Jonathan 2

Ladies Semi Finals
Sha Hohipa vs Marama Prime 3 and Desi Mercer 3 vs Jannette Jonathan 4

Day 3
NZDC Mixed Pairs Final

Steve Doak & Jo Steed vs Cody & Teamo Harris 3

Semi Finals
S Doak & J Steed vs S Gooch & K Manu 1 
C & T Harris vs M Day & O Curreen 

Day 2
Husband and Wife Final

Dave & Jane Harrington vs Rex and Wendy Harper 0

Semi Finals
K & J Sheppard 0 vs D & J Harrington 3 and T & D Walters vs R & W Harper 3

Division 1: Hutt 19 vs Auckland 17
Division 2: Bay of Plenty 19 vs Northland 6

Division 1: Auckland 33 vs Bay of Plenty 25
Division 2: Wainuiomata 33 vs King Country/Waikato 25

Day 1
Region Team Games 
Semi Finalists been found.

Division 1 Auckland 19 vs King Country/Waikato 18 and Capital 17 vs Hutt 18
Division 2 Bay of Plenty 19 vs Hawkes Bay 8 and Taranaki 11 vs Northland19
Division 1 Bay of Plenty 35 vs Taranaki 18 and Auckland 33 vs Canterbury 26
Division 2 Wainuiomata 34 vs Aoraki 15 and King Country/Waikato 33 vs Southland 25

New Zealand's Mike Day BDO World Champs 2014
Mike Day - World Champs 2014

BDO Invitational Ranking Tables

The British Darts Organisation have revised the BDO Men’s Invitational Tables System effective 13 December 2012. New Zealand has been awarded their own Ranking List

1. The BDO Invitation Tables Structure only relates to currently registered Playing Members of the British Darts Organisation, who are normally resident within Great Britain, or to current Playing Members of a Member Darts Body of the World Darts Federation, who are normally resident within the Country represented by that Member Darts Body.

2. To qualify for the BDO Invitation Tables System players must play within the BDO/WDF system.

3. The BDO Invitation Tables System is used as a Basis for qualification, invitation, and/or seeding in BDO promoted International events, such as the World Professional Championships and the World Masters. The tables will also be used for invitations into other events when deemed necessary.

Events in New Zealand which will be deemed BDO Ranked events are:

Alan King memorial
Auckland Open
Canterbury Open
New Zealand Masters (PUMA Masters)
New Zealand Open
North Island Masters
South Island Masters
Ted Clements Memorial (Levin Open)

The results from 2012 for the Alan King Memorial and Ted Clements Memorial have been included in the Rankings.

For those Associations who host these tournaments, further instructions will be sent.

The Ladies Invitational Tables cover the following:

New Zealand Open
New Zealand Masters (Puma Masters)

Paula Masoe
General Secretary
NZ Darts Council Inc